The Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia, Inc. (FCAGA) was created in 2017 as a broad-based, independent advocacy/education nonprofit organization, working to ensure that ALL “uniquely vulnerable” Georgia citizens have the information and resources needed to knowledgeably access convenient, appropriate, and economical funeral or cremation services. FCAGA is run by an all volunteer Board of Directors.

The FCAGA works closely with our sister organization, the Memorial Society of Georgia (MSOG), which has operated since 1973 as a membership organization to help individuals in Georgia get access to simple, dignified, and economical funeral (burial or cremation) options at specific funeral homes in the MSOG network.

The FCAGA and MSOG are both affiliated with the national Funeral Consumers Alliance,  a non-profit watchdog organization that has been working since 1963 to protect the rights—and wallets—of funeral services consumers. The FCA is an invaluable source of information and advocacy, keeping tabs on the prices and practices of the funeral industry, helping families resolve complaints against mortuaries and cemeteries, and advocating for consumer interests before state and federal legislatures.