Memorial Society of Georgia Member Shared FCAGa Pricing Information with the Oakhurst Baptist Church

Bill Wolff Shared with other members

Bill let us share his letter with you.

Funeral Home Pricing

Those of us who were members of the Memorial Society of Georgia are aware of the fact that rapid changes in the funeral industry made the model they used for years be no longer applicable. But there is an alternative that many church members might want to bookmark, given how many of us desire basic services at a reasonable price when we die, and we don’t want our heirs to spend too much of their inheritance on burying or cremating us. Not all funeral homes have given the information requested, but there are plenty of local choices to be found at

I have had a couple of occasions in the past where a resource like this would have proved invaluable in helping friends who had an unexpected death in the family. I like to think that some of my fellow congregants would also find it useful, given that we, like most mainline churches, are dealing with demographic change (a nice way of saying that our average age is moving upward).