Death provides us with a one-time chance to make a valuable gift to humanity. Body and tissue/organ donation allow us to live on after we die.

Organ and body donation, arranged in advance, is not only a way to support science and do good for many people, but it also is a way to ultimately get a free cremation since after an institution or facility is finished with the body, they cremate the remains and usually can arrange to send the ashes back to the family.

Incidentally, all major religions approve of body and organ donation for medical teaching, research, and transplants.

If you are considering organ and/or body donation, let your family know NOW, both verbally and in writing, so that timely decisions can be made. Organ and body donation usually requires prior arrangements, sometimes months in advance. Forms from donation organizations require permission signatures from immediate family and powers of attorney designee, if not a family member. So advance planning is essential.

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