The General Price List (GPL) is a document mandated by the U. S. Government to be produced by every funeral provider as a part of The Funeral Rule, and its requirements are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission. All funeral providers must give the consumer its GPL to keep, free of charge, prior to any discussion of cost, when the consumer visits the funeral home. For these and other reasons, the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia, Inc. (FCAGA) understands that the GPL of each funeral provider in Georgia is in the public interest and the public domain and therefore, for the convenience of the funeral providers in Georgia and for the convenience of the public, the FCAGA may display any GPL in its possession on its website, unless a funeral provider has specifically requested removal, as detailed below.

If a funeral provider wishes to have its GPL removed from the FCAGA website, it may send a request for removal that shall be signed by the Funeral Director charged with the responsibility of the funeral services at that location or by a Georgia licensed attorney or by an agent together with a written document showing authority to act for that Funeral Director, and mailed, preferably via certified mail, to:

Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia, Inc.
P.O. Box 842
Scottdale, Georgia 30079

Upon receipt of such notice, FCAGA will, as soon as practicable, remove that GPL from its website.