Here are a few suggestions for ways to save on cemetery costs:

  • You can often get better pricing on cemetery plots if you buy from an individual rather than directly from the cemetery. Click HERE for information on plot buying and selling.
  • If you are buying plots for two people, ask about a double depth plot. While two side-by-side plots cost about the same as two individual plots (perhaps with a small discount), double depth plots, where ttwo caskets are buried on top of each other, are usually substantially less.
  • Opening and closing of the grave costs are often less expensive during the week than on weekends.
  • Some cemeteries don’t require an outer burial container (vault or grave liner), which are a substantial expense. If the cemetery does require it, a “grave liner” will be less expensive than a “vault.”
  • Consumers have a legal right to order a marker or monument from a source other than the funeral home or cemetery as long as the monument meets the cemetery’s guidelines. Many people prefer to wait to order the monument to allow time to decide what will be most appropriate.