The Pricing Comparison Table table lists all of Georgia’s licensed Funeral Homes, Mortuaries, and Crematories. If a funeral home’s General Price List is available to us, there will be a link in the “GPL” column. The last two columns show pricing comparison for two very specific package plans: Direct Cremation and Immediate Burial. For an explanation of these package plans, CLICK HERE.


To hunt for specific data in the table, use the SEARCH field. For example, to see all funeral homes in a particular county, enter the county name in the search field. You may also SORT the table by clicking any column heading. Clicking once sorts the table from A to Z or from low to high, based on the content of that column. Clicking twice on the column heading sorts the table from Z to A or from high to low.

You may use both Search and Sort concurrently. For example, entering your county in the SEARCH field and then clicking once on the “Direct Cremation” column heading will show you all of the funeral homes who serve your county, sorted from lowest price for Direct Cremation to highest. (Funeral homes for which we have no data will be sorted to the bottom of the list.)


To help you in your planning, we’ve developed a downloadable worksheet to make fact collection and comparison easier. Click HERE for the cremation version. Or click HERE for the burial version.


The figures presented in the table are based on the data we have in hand; however, in some cases we have not been able to determine a figure with certainty. A “?” in the table indicates that the General Price List (GPL) is unclear. A “+” indicates that the GPL does not include all of the pertinent components in the package, and the actual price is expected to be higher. Furthermore, all prices are subject to correction or change, so you should check with the funeral home directly for confirmation of the figures. Contact info for the funeral homes is located HERE.

To make the pricing comparison table as comprehensive as possible, we are seeking to represent ALL of Georgia’s funeral homes with a current GPL and accurate package pricing figures. We encourage Funeral Directors to ensure that their GPLs and pricing figures are up to date. If anything needs to be updated or amended, please email us at

We also ask for help from the public in this endeavor. The Funeral Rule requires a funeral home to give a copy of their GPL to anyone who requests one in person, so anyone who has obtained a current GPL from a funeral home not already linked from the table may send us a copy (pdf file format preferred) to or by regular mail to FCAGA, P.O. Box 842, Scottdale, GA 30079. Thank you for your assistance!


Our GPL Policy is available HERE.